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  • Phillip Goddard

Bro. Gerry Price - 25 years service at J Lyons

At the regular Neleus Lodge meeting in May 2019, Bro. Gerry Price presented the 1st "Who Am I" spot, a feature that the lodge regularly holds now when it is Called Off.

Gerry realised that he did not know a lot about our members and suggested that at each meeting a selected member should talk about his childhood, career and hobbies plus any other interesting facts.

Bro. Price gave the lodge a thoroughly enjoyable talk about his life and told of his career at J Lyons, In the picture Bro. Gerry (on the left) is celebrating his 25 years service at J Lyons in the early 1990's with Bro. Al Lai Tan who also used to work for the company.

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