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The officers appointed and invested on that day were:-

V.W.Bro. The Rv'd C.E. Roberts                                     

M.A, P.G.Chap, (ng.) PPGC (Bucks), ProvGSec (Bucks)       WM

W. Bro. A.G. Lee, PPSGD (Bucks)                                    Acting IPM

Bro. Reginald G. Margetson                                            SW

Bro. Henry A. Campbell                                                  JW

W.Bro. William Rapley                                                   Treasurer 

Bro. Herbert E. Langridge                                               Secretary

W.Bro. Williams Hotten George                                      SD

W.Bro. William G. Pedler                                               JD

Bro. John Fettes                                                              IG

W.Bro. Henry M. Newlyn                                               DC

Bro. Alfred T Burgess                                                      ADC

Bro. Harry Dearth                                                          Organist

Bro. Edwin E. Clark                                                        Steward

Bro. Arthur J.L. Searle                                                     Asst. Steward

Bro. Samuel G. Gallop; Prov. GT                                     Tyler

Other founding members were:-

W.Bro. Archibald Keighley M.D., Bros. George A. Fowler, Arthur A. Kilby, Douglas Matthews, Arthur Skinner, and Peter S. Mason.

The first regular meeting of the Lodge took place within a month of its inauguration, when the two sons of the Junior Warden, A and C.E. Campbell, became the first initiates. The three Campbells, father and sons, presented a Lodge Banner to mark the occasion when Archie and Cecil Edward became Master Masons.

Between 1904 and 1925 the lodge membership consisted of 20 founders, 130 initiates, 20 joining members and 47 resignations and deaths. It will be seen that in the years between the two World Wars the WM's of the Lodge were kept busy, and the growth led to the formation of River Lodge in 1929 and Erdemont Lodge in 1942, as well as Nestor in 1967.

Furthermore, the strong position of the Lodge by 1914 had caused those of its members who were Royal Arch Masons to decide that it was time for a new Chapter to be formed and attached to the Lodge. The usual formalities were accordingly put in hand, and Neleus Chapter was duly consecrated on July 3rd, 1915; at the Imperial Restaurant, Regent Street, London; by the Grand Superintendent of the Province of Buckinghamshire; the Very Rev'd John Studholme Brownrigg, M.A.  The Rev'd Charles Roberts, who had been the very first Worshipful Master of the Lodge became the first MEZ of the Chapter, which has continued to flourish ever since.


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