• Phillip Goddard

Tom Quinn appointed PGM for London Mark


We must congratulate W.Bro Tom Quinn on the news of his very exciting appointment!

On 25 February, Grand Lodge released the name of the new Provincial Grand Master. Announced in open Lodge of London Installed Mark Masters by the retiring PGM, David Ashbolt, the spontaneous applause and acclamation for the new PGM Designate – Very Worshipful Bro. Thomas Quinn – showed the great level of support this very popular appointment has engendered and is, we are certain, to be expressed throughout the whole of the Province.

VW Bro. Tom responded to the announcement by offering himself to the furtherance of the success of our Province which has been so well advanced by RW Bro David Ashbolt. Toms appointment as PGM for London Mark will be effective from 11th July. It will truly be a proud day for Neleus Lodge.

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