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General Data Protection Regulations   (Continued)

You may stop your data from being used by the Lodge if or when resigning from the Lodge.

The Lodge is at the Beaconsfield Masonic Centre, Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Bucks. Please contact the Lodge Secretary by post or email to if you wish to:


     1.   Object to the lodge processing or retaining all, or part of, your data;

     2.   Request access to your data; or

     3.   Request rectification of your data.

The legal bases on which your personal data will be used in accordance with this Section II are:

     1.   The legitimate interests of the Lodge as a not for profit membership organisation; and

     2.   The fulfilment of contractual obligations owed to you by your Lodge.

In this notice "Book of Constitutions" means the General Laws and Regulations for the Government of the Craft of the United Grand Lodge of England from time to time.

The Neleus Lodge will therefore use your data to record your engagement with the Lodge and to manage your membership. We will also use your data to communicate with you regarding Lodge activities that maybe of interest to you and/or issues which relate to your membership.

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