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  • Phillip Goddard

Erdemont Lodge 75th Anniversary Meeting

A truly outstanding 75th Anniversary Meeting of Erdemont Lodge 5865. Having received an official visit from the Deputy PGM, VW.Bro Chris Roberts, the Lodge went on to initiate Mr (now Brother) Dean Hill and then present a Grand Lodge certificate to Bro Peter Malem.

W.Bro Bob King then presented the Lodge with Ashlars to acknowledge that it had donated £1,500 towards the Tercentenary Appeal. A tremendous achievement, made the more special by the fact that Erdemont Chapter had been the only Chapter to donate the same amount.

The Festive Board saw Bro Tom Quinn sing a delightful, specially prepared, 75th anniversary song and much reference was made to the history of the Lodge, so well outlined in a presentation booklet.

There are not enough superlatives to describe the meeting and the wonderful contribution being made by Erdemont Lodge to the Province of West Kent. If you look closely at the photos you may recognise some faces from Neleus Lodge!

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