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  • Phillip Goddard

Visit to Ryde Lodge No.698

On 4th May a number of brethren and their wives from Neleus Lodge set off to the Isle of Wight for 2 nights for the Bank Holiday Weekend. This was the fruition of an idea by Bro. H Sheth who suggested almost 12 months ago that it would be great if Neleus visited the Lodge of his Father in Law on the Isle of Wight. It was originally thought that maybe 3 or 4 members would go, but in the end it was a dozen or more. Having checked into the Lakeside Spa Hotel and after a spot of lunch with the ladies, the brethren boarded the minibus that took them to the Masonic Hall in Ryde where we were warmly welcomed by the members of Ryde Lodge No. 698. They held a Past Masters meeting where an excellent demonstration of the Second Degree was presented. After a splendid Festive Board and much merriment the members of Neleus Lodge returned to the Lakeside Hotel to rejoin the Ladies who had enjoyed a meal altogether.

The next day, we all pursued our own excursions, with many visiting Osborne House, whilst others chose the Steam Railway and a local vineyard. In the evening there was more merriment when we travelled to Yelfs Hotel with the Ladies and enjoyed another extremely pleasant evening with the members of Ryde Lodge and their other halves.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and the icing on the cake was that the weather was nothing but fantastic! Plans are afoot to do it it all over again next year!

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