• Phillip Goddard

F1 Auction - 20th July 2019

UPDATE: This item was sold at the auction for £250:00

A rare chance to bid for a piece of F1 history. One of Neleus Lodges members was employed by the McLaren F1 team for 15 years. At McLaren he was given some rather nice mementos. One of them was a bottle of wine from Fernando Alonso. It is one of a limited edition (No.359 of 1500). The wine of this vintage is still available to purchase for €363 See website It is a magnum bottle (1.5 litres) of red wine. Obviously the one for sale on this website does not come with the presentation box as does this auction item. As part of Phillip Goddard’s contribution to the 2021 festival, he has decided to auction this bottle of wine at the Neleus Lodge festive board on 20th July. Either email your bid before the 20th July to or better still go to the meeting and bid in person.

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