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  • Clifford Drake

Tom Quinn at Three Counties Lodge

As the Provincial Grand Master (PGM) for the Royal Order of Scotland, Beds & Northants, our Treasurer, W Bro Tom Quinn, has had the honour of being invited to be a member of the Three Counties "Craft" Lodge in Northants & Hunts, an invitation in the "gift" of Northants & Hunts PGM, RW Bro Max Bayes.

Tom quickly became the Worshipful Master of Three Counties, and having served his year of Office, he had the pleasure of Installing his successor, RW Bro Robert Stokes, the PGM of the Mark Master Masons Province of N&H, last Monday 28th October. They are both seen here following the closure of the meeting. We congratulate Tom on his continued success in the other "Orders" of Freemasonry that he so much enjoys.

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