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  • Phillip Goddard

Buckinghamshire Initiations at Grand Lodge Day (B.I.G. Lodge Day)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Welcoming the “100 Club” To Buckinghamshire

The last 18 months has also been an extraordinary time for Buckinghamshire Freemasons, with over 250 people waiting to join our number. This has presented us with a unique opportunity to welcome these candidates into Freemasonry and to celebrate the re-commencement of our meetings.

Sunday the 12th of September will be a truly unique day in the history of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire and The United Grand Lodge of England. The Grand Master has given Buckinghamshire a dispensation to hold initiations on a Sunday, with exclusive use of Grand Lodge. We have over 100 candidates being initiated on this day.

Great Queen Street will host individual lodges from Buckinghamshire, with each lodge opening and initiating their own candidates. This will be a fantastic and memorable day for all the members of the lodge, many of whom will have never attended a lodge meeting.

The day will have two festive boards with candidates and lodges being able to celebrate their day with dinner within Great Queen Street. The day will culminate with an initiation taking place within the Grand Temple, with all of the initiates taking to the floor to be welcomed into Buckinghamshire Freemasons.

With over 600 members booked to attend, and more booking by the day, we look forward to a fantastic day. And watch this space for photos and videos after the B.I.G. Day.

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