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  • Phillip Goddard

Neleus Lodge donates to Chiltern & South Bucks Volunteer Police Cadets

Neleus Lodge recently made a donation of £500 to the Chiltern & South Bucks Volunteer Police Cadets after discovering that they are self funded. Neleus Lodge had great pleasure in supporting these youngsters and sent W.Bro. Jim Hotston along to present them with the cheque at The Beaconsfield School, Wattleton Road where they meet every Thursday evening for training.

Several Police Forces are now running Police Cadet Schemes and there is a national drive to expand the programme. The development of a national cadet model allows young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to support their local police in making their communities safer. The young people are a visual representation of the police commitment to supporting our younger generation and the members of Neleus Lodge were pleased to be able to help these youngsters to take their first steps for a career with the police.

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