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Gerry "Picasso" Price

Bro. Gerry Price has been keeping a secret from us all at Neleus Lodge. He has taken up painting and submitted a picture to the Daily Mirror which they have published. See text below from the article printed on 23rd Dec 2020.


A captain of the high seas, Gerald Price from West Drayton, Middlesex, has launched himself into uncharted waters with this picture - his second ever attempt at painting.

The 75 year old says, "I am an experienced skipper so this painting was me trying to find out how difficult it would be to paint a sea with a sailing vessel on it.

The actual sailing vessel is imaginary but would come under a sail configuration known as a Brigantine. If you look careful at the bow, you will see a mermaid figurehead and on top of the mast the Welsh flag - I've lived in London for 50 years but I'm originally from Wales.

I always felt I could paint, but never got round to it. My message is - it's never too late to take up a paintbrush.

I find watching the artists on YouTube very helpful for learning."

Well done Gerry!

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1 comentário

Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn
26 de dez. de 2020

Brilliant painting Gerry. Nice to have such a relaxing hobby.

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