• Phillip Goddard

Lockdown Project - W.Bro. Brian Pickett

What have I been " trying " to do during lockdown?

I inherited a Black Forest Bear Hall Stand. It is 6'9" tall. It came without the top branches and I have been making replacements not knowing what the original ones looked like. I have also added two middle ones. These were not on the Bear before.

I have also had to repair a missing ear from the baby bear, a tooth missing from the mother bear etc.. I am also trying  to match the original wood stain / varnish, which is proving difficult.

The new branches have been made using a combination of Rhododendron from my garden and European Lime.

If the Virus lasts till Christmas, I may be able to finish it. Time will tell.

Does anyone have any knowledge of Black Forest Bears? I understand that they were usually made in Switzerland. It is older than me by some years and was in my Grandmother's hall. The mother bear was twice my height.

The photos show bear as I got it without branches and with my idea of branches added.

This project has been my first attempt at wood carving. Will it be my last???


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