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  • Phillip Goddard

Neleus visit to I.O.W. & Ryde Lodge No. 698

Having last visited the Isle of Wight and Ryde Lodge No.698 four years ago, members of Neleus Lodge, their partners together with friends and families made the journey for a long weekend on May 6th 2022.

After a lunchtime sailing members of Neleus went to Ryde Masonic Hall and were welcomed by Ryde Lodge. Members of Neleus Lodge presented the Working Tools of all three degrees whilst members of Ryde Lodge gave talks of much interest. After the meeting we all enjoyed a sumptuous festive board and then travelled back to the Lakeside Park Hotel to rejoin our ladies for a nightcap before bed.

The following morning everybody spent the day visiting various places in glorious sunshine. In the evening we rejoined the members of Ryde Lodge and their partners at Yelfs Hotel for a social dinner.

The following day we all journeyed home having spent the weekend in great company and fabulous weather!

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